Monday, May 13, 2013

Frank Capone false draft card

Another error in the history of my family. This is the so believed draft card of my uncle Frank Capone. It says he was born in July of 1896 in New Jersey. He was born in New York in December 1895. It also says his mother's was 'Tessi' his mother was Theresa. And the last name is spelled 'Caponi' we have always spelled it Capone.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Setting the record straight for the Capone family

I am going to do my very best in debunking some very incorrect information about my family. There are 'so called' experts giving the public 'history' that is incorrect. I am going to put together a Capone Family Photographs book for history. For instance the photo below has 'historian' John Binder incorrectly identifying people. I am a Capone and I KNOW my family.
John Binder identified the first man in the upper row as  Rocco DeGrazia. Mario Gomes also used this assumption as fact. See below. He uses the same picture that Binder identified then has some pictures of Rocco below. Tell me if you think that is the same man in all three pictures.
It is not the same man and the reason is the man pictured below is my uncle Frank Capone. It is the only public picture of him while he was alive. The only other public picture is him in the morgue when he was killed by a police bullet. Also Binder identified the little girl as Vera Emery. That is wrong, the little girl is Al's only sister, my aunt, Mafalda.
Also the picture here on my facebook page of Al at the baseball game, there are many historians who claim that the little boy was not Al's son Sonny, but a double because Al was afraid someone would shoot his son. Folks that is my cousin Sonny and my uncle would never risk a child's life.

 The below was forged for the reason to prove that Al's birthday was January 17. This is not Al's draft card.

I have so much work to do.