Sunday, September 26, 2010

No Other Book About Al Capone Was Written By:


  1. A member of his family
  2. A person who ate meals with him, sat on his lap, slept in his house
  3. A person whom he taught to swim, ride a bike & play the mandolin.
  4. A person who helped him cook meals
  5. A person who’s father was raised by Al’s mother as a sibling
  6. A person who was Al Capone’s only sisters’ best friend
  7. A person who’s grandfather was Al Capone’s older brother and partner
  8. A person who as an adult had countless conversations/interviews with A.C’s business partners and younger brothers
  9. A person who can make the previously unpublished recipes for A.C’s favorite meals
  10. A person who’s father committed suicide due to the burden of the Capone name
  11. A person who was scorned by classmates for many years, and fired from job’s because she was related to Al Capone
  12. A person who presents Al’s partner’s version of what really happened on St. Valentine’s Day of 1929
  13. A person who knows what happened to the millions of dollars Al Capone had stashed away
  14. A person who was told by famous comedian/singer Joe E. Lewis, that it was not Al Capone who was responsible for his throat being slashed
  15. A person who learned from her grandfather of A.C’s history changing plans to buy the Chicago Cubs, make Babe Ruth the player/manager and hire Satchel Paige to be the first black player in the history of baseball
  16. A person who has previously unpublished family photos
  17. A person who was personally told by Nat “King” Cole and Sammy Davis Jr. how helpful and supporting AC was with black people
  18. A person who can take you inside the homes of Al Capone to Chicago, Wisconsin and Miami as they were when he was living in them
  19. A person who can give you an entirely different view of one of the most world renown men in history
  20. A person who survived the stigma of the Capone name to become a productive, successful citizen, with 4 college educated children and 14 beautiful grandchildren – all a credit to society.

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  1. Hey its Timothy Diamond, jack legs diamond great cousin,and I just want to say thank-you for sharing this entire story with the world. I believe all of AC life was to provide for yours and our generation....much respect ....Timothy Diamond aka you ms capone...