Thursday, February 17, 2011

Minnesota State Bar Association hosts discussion with Deirdre Capone


  1. I am a history sponge I am unable to read much over a paragraph without seeing double. So I hope your book goes to Audio! Side note, my great uncle owned a trucking company in Chicago he also owned a cabin in Mercer, WI. I was about 8-9 and got to go my g uncle's cabin. He said one day lets go for a ride. We drove down a wooded road and came to a big iron gate. He told this is where Al Capone's brother lives. It did not mean much to me until years later. I am not sure but I often wonder my uncle's connection with his trucking co. and Al Capone. Also I grew up in Ronald Reagan's home town, went to grade school at the same school he did and was in 6th grade in the same room he was in. It is a small world even more today.

  2. Hi Mike
    I am sorry it took me so long to respond. If you will look at my calendar on this site, you will see why. It is great to get to know you and I love your story. I am sure our family's were connected, otherwise, why Mercer?
    I do not have an audio version yet of my book, but hopefully soon.

  3. A most intriguing read. Though I did not find any joy in reading the negative aspects of the association and effects on your life, I did find your story to be one of courage in the face of adversity. It was interesting to see a side that was not slanted by law and glory hounds, those looking to create history as they wish to write it. thank you for sharing your view of your family and the history as you knew and believed it to be. Thank you for sharing with me Dierdre! e