Monday, October 21, 2013

Celebrity Martini Glass Auction

In February 2014 a local company, CMGA of Naples Florida, auctions off martini glasses signed by celebrities to raise money for charity. This year they are raising money for Freedom Flights for local WWII veterans to fly to Washington DC and tour the WWII Memorial. They are also raising money to get a companion dog for a local Afghanistan disabled veteran. These dogs totally transform the lives of disabled veterans. There is a local company, PAWS, who trains the dog. The cost is $35,000.00 but the transformation is worth every cent.
I am one of the celebrities and I have signed the glass made of my uncle Al Capone. It is truly a work of art.


  1. Beautiful...I collect martini glasses and this would be a treasure for my collection! Remember me by the way? Bob in Dallas...Aunt Maffie was my Mother's God Mother...

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  3. art at its finest