Thursday, February 13, 2020

Newspaper article on February 15, 1929

Here is a newspaper article published on February 15, 1929.


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  1. Hello Deirdre. I watched one of your interviews on YouTube. Honestly, I have to admit that listening to you was a great surprise. I, this lady is intelligent, articulate and has a touch of class. You might find it interesting that I'm the son of a Chicago Police detective and his uncle was a Sec. of State for Illinois in the late 40's and a New Deal Democrat...and a corrupt one. My dad was a "straight shooter" and was an incorruptible type. But he told me that the politicians in Chicago were some of the worst. He said his uncle would have gambling parties in their mansion up in Winnetka where they put keys to their cars and Wisconsin cabins on the table. And he said he spent many a trip as a kid on boats that sailed out on Lake Michigan that were gambling escapades and the booze was flowing during Prohibition. My grandmother who was of Irish background would frequent the "speak easys" that were run by Bugs Moran..the competitor of your uncle Al Capone. Interestingly my dad's first day on duty as a cop, he was assigned to a retiring cop who brought my dad to your Uncle's "old haunts" including his old brownstone house on the southside, which sat vacant in the late 40's. Enough about that...but I also went to Catholic grade school up in Lake County and we were mostly children and grandchildren of ethnic Catholics....mostly Irish, Italian, German and Polish Catholics. My family intermarried with Italians and I know how they suffered. My grandparents on my mom's side were Germans..and the war was not good for them either. But when I was listening to your interview you mentioned how the Italians were mistreated especially by the Anglos. And it made me think. As a student of history, I've examined the Rockefellers closely and if there ever was a criminal element that got away with high was this family. They hid behind their "Anglo" roots as they sided with international banksters to literally rob us all. So you are absolutely correct and people have been educated to look at your Uncle Al as enemy number one...and like you said...he was really just bringing alcohol as a product that the people wanted in the city. My in-laws in Minnesota were German farmers. They too knew how to brew and they got away with brewing beer and moonshine on their farms, which they could do in those areas, whereas the people in the city didn't have that luxury. Thank you for telling your side of the family and I can tell you were brought up with good moral values and have turned out to be a good citizen. You got my full respect. I live in Minnesota and I don't know if you still do...but I would enjoy chatting with you and shairing my side of the family history...including pictures we have of my corrupt gr-uncle with FDR. ha. There is more to the story too. But I ordered your book and my wife and I look forward to reading your side of the story. Thank you for writing it and shairing!