Monday, December 2, 2013

The truth about Al Capone's scar

Something I have wanted to do for a very long time is to tell the world the truth about my family. My grandfather, Ralph (Bottles) Capone told me many thing that I did not put in my book for fear. There are a group of individuals out there who think they know more about my family that I do. I have decided today to start telling the truths.
Most of these people say that my family was involved in the Valentine's Day Massacre but they were not and I have that proof. A recent book, "Get Capone" by Jonathan Eig also told people my family was not involved. I thank him for that but I do know the names of the people responsible and I will give them to you.
The first incorrect fact I will challenge is these people say my uncle Al Capone had three scars on his left cheek. He did not. He had one major scar and a smaller one. You see I used to touch them and I would ask him if it hurt. I use to kiss those scars.
I have much more. I will post these here and on facebook.


  1. Hi Deirdre, you should take all you have on the St Valentinne's incident and do another book! It would mean more coming from you than anyone else, and no point in giving it away. :)
    Dave A

  2. Thank you Dave. I will do that. I do know the names of the people involved.

    1. Deirdre im happy to see your out there leting people know that your uncle had nothing to do with st valentine's day massacre