Tuesday, January 21, 2014

George (Bugs) Moran was a friend of my uncle Al Capone and I can prove it.

I am writing a new book and I am putting facts in it that my grandfather Ralph told me but I could not prove until now. I have the proof. You know like - Bugs Moran and the Capone boys used to work together. They all worked for Johnny Torrio. Most historians do not know that. George (Bugs) Moran liked my family and he knew they were not behind the Valentine's mess. Don't you wonder what happened to Moran after February 14, 1929? He completely disappeared didn't he. Well he was under the protection of my grandfather Ralph and I can prove it. He knew who was after him and he needed protection and there was no safer place then living with Ralph Capone.

Look at the photo below. It was taken in May of 1929 In Atlantic City. My uncle Al Capone is the man on the lower. The man behind him, with his hands on Al's shoulders, is Bugs Moran. FYI the Valentine's Day date was February 14, 1929. 


  1. Truly amazing, thanks for sharing. That sure does look like Bugs all right. If this is actually a couple months after 2/14/29, then they look awful chummy instead of blood feuding rivals.